We have broad experience in modern industrial and logistical structures. We deal with all challenges. Whether code compliance or workplace regulations, our aim is to be well-informed and deliver a premier product.
Peace, comfort, and relaxation -light is a crucial element to setting the tone in any environment. Let us explain which lighting is most suitable for you.
For optimal working conditions, we create optimal lighting to ensure the best conditions. We also hold to all workplace guidelines.
Well-lit shelves increase sales because they are no longer just a place for storage but rather presentation. We would be happy to shine the right light in your pharmacy.
Speed, precision, and response time are the most important thing in sports. We create the best conditions with our lighting systems to promote ideal performance conditions and increase the fun factor for your customers.
Shopping must be an experience and we know that customer emotions encourage sales. "Light sells!" - our customers confirm that again and again.


Modern object structures in industry and logistics bring many lighting challenges with them.
Previously, you could rely on the experience of the electrician, but today detailed computer-based lighting planning and simulation as well as project planning are essential to ensure that guidelines for lighting technology are complied with.

Working conditions play an increasingly important role as well, and we can guarantee that fatigue in the workplace due to poor lighting conditions will no longer be an issue.



Both hotels and restaurants seek to provide their visitors peace, comfort, and relaxation. We help your customers escape everyday life with ease and allow them to enjoy your establishment effortlessly. All of this is possible due to the infinite variety of lighting scenes that are subconsciously perceived by the visitors.

By using appropriate lighting in the right places, your visitors will quickly come to rest, feel relaxed and be more comfortable. Most likely your customers will return again and again.



Workplace efficiency can be improved, as we all know, time is money. Proper lighting can improve concentration, reduce fatigue, and increase endurance while working. Many employers massively underestimate this factor. Thanks to our know-how, we can offer solutions with up to 92% higher efficiency in compliance with the “Workplace Guidelines and Regulations”.

We, as a competent partner at your side, have an in-depth knowledge of the psychological processes produced by light stimuli. With this understanding we can advise you objectively and extensively to achieve your ideal lighting concept.



Placement of pharmaceuticals on well-lit shelves increases sales. This is not a new idea that presentation is far more important than storage when it comes to sales. We are in an age where orders are processed automatically even in Pharmacies. Efficiency is big here, so that more time for customer consultation is available.
In addition to modern surfaces and a friendly color, the light is a crucial factor in positively influencing the well-being of your customers.

We would be happy to put your pharmacy in the right light. We also work together with a global pharmacy shop fitter to offer everything from a single source. From floor to furniture and ceilings to a holistic redesign or renovation of an existing object.



"Light sells", that seems logical: if the eye is not caught, the product is not noticed and stays on the shelf. No other factor plays such an important role in product sales as the lighting on the products themselves. No other target group is so demanding and unique as the retail customer. Your customers want to perceive shopping as an experience and experiences are created by emotions. These emotions are caused by external impressions, as controlled, for example, by the color of light which can be steered and amplified in the desired direction.

However, poor lighting can have many negative effects over time, so don’t hesitate but rather let us advise you. We can help to increase your sales and indirectly provide you higher sales figures.



Speed, precision, and response time are the most important factors in sports. We create the best conditions with our lighting systems to promote sporting talent or to increase the fun factor for your customers. Confounding factors, such as insufficient light, glare or unnecessary shadows are unacceptable. Athletes under our light can concentrate on their sports and come back happy.

We perform a detailed survey of your current conditions and develop a lighting concept tailored to the needs of each sport. We seek to achieve optimal lighting results while providing the best price for you.

Still aren’t convinced it’s for you? Then contact us! We are confident that we can and will find the right lighting solution for you.